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Are the elements Joomla 4 compatible?
Yes, every element is compatible to Joomla 4.
How can I purchase?

Check out the demo. Every demo has a price button to add the product to the cart. You can pay with PayPal.

When will I receive the product?

Immediately after purchasing it with PayPal.

How can I install YOOtheme builder elements?

You can simply install any plugin with the Joomla installer. Just activate it afterwards and you are ready to go. No child theme needed!

How can I update YOOtheme builder elements?

Simply download and install our update plugin from the customer section or directly here and add your updatekey. After installation open the plugin by clicking on SYSTEM -> PLUGINS and search for moreJoomla. Enter your personal updatekey from the account section. The key is valid for all products you bought on moreJoomla. You will then be able to install updates automatically while your subscription is active (6 months).

How often can I download the product?

Unlimited times within 6 months after purchase.

Can I still use the product after my subscription ends?

Yes. You can still use the product as it is if your subscription ends. You get free updates for a time of 6 months. You can renew to get the latest features.

Can I use the product on several domains?

Yes. You can install our products on several domains and also get automated updates within the Joomla installer with our plugin.

Will you provide support?

Of course! Just contact us. We're here to assist you quickly. Use the contact form. You can write us in english or german.

How can I send my config to support?
Save the layout in your YOOtheme Pro library and proceed like you would add a new element but use the tab "My Presets" and export your element.