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We had to get rid of the navbar and footer sections to include some pages in an app. With this friendly plugin you can simply define some classes that should be removed if a specific keyword is provided in the url: removes the classes tm-header (desktop), tm-header-mobile (mobile) and footer. Be aware that the footer class needs to be added manually to the advanced tab of your footer section.


Which classes should I add for YooTheme Pro?

In the demo above we use the following classes:
.tm-header-mobile, .tm-header, .footer

This way the header and footer are removed from the document on all devices.

What is the difference to tmpl=component ?

The tmpl=component option as a GET parameter will not load your template design. So your page won't look good. With this plugin you can make sure that everything loads and looks fine.



Version 4.1

  • added
    Joomla 5 support

Version 4.0

  • added

    now compatible with Joomla 4

Version 2.3.13

  • added

    the plugin uses jQuery now automatically if it is loaded on the site

Version 2.3.12

  • added

    wrapped up in an easy installable and updatable plugin