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more Daily Note element

for YOOtheme Pro

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This plugin adds a note based on time to YOOtheme Pro.

Do you need to add something on your page from the beginning of a time based date that should automatically be overwritten by newer content if its time has come? This element shows it including a placeholder for a special word like "yesterday".

Think of a daily quiz which result should be shown after 6 pm on the same day but visitors should also see the result while the new quiz is being published. Simply write "We have searched 'this' {yesterday}". On the present day visitors will read "We have searched 'this'" on the next  day they'll read "We have searched 'this' yesterday".


Two messages will be shown from yesterday 12:00 until today 12:00 and from today after 12:00:

This message will be shown from today 12:00 on until tomorrow 12:00

A quiz with yesterday's solution until 12:00,
after 12:00 the today's quiz solution will be shown

We have searched THAT

You can also realize a happy hour by simply adding a blank content for the second time (12:00-14:00)


How much data can be shown and stored?

You can store as many dates as you want directly in the element settings.

What do I enter in the note field?

Whatever you want. You can use the editor to show more than just text.



Version 2.5.1

  • added
    Joomla 5 support

Version 2.5.0

  • added

    initial release