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more Gallery element

for YOOtheme Pro

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This plugin adds more functionality to the original gallery element in YOOtheme Pro.

Ever wanted to place title, meta and the buttons underneath the gallery image? Did you also need more than one button to show a product gallery with buttons to download additional info? With this plugin you can add these missing features to the gallery element. It will be added as an additional element including all the other features from the original.

Demo with YouTube shortcode in a modal

You can also use external plugins to add the YouTube-ID into a modal to respect user's privacy. In this case we use "2 Click Youtube Videos".
Simply add the shortcode in the settings.

Youtube Preview - Video ID HvfGgM5dJAk

Youtube Preview - Video ID dhly6apwfj4

Youtube Preview - Video ID yCCvqiGCbs0

i20 N
Youtube Preview - Video ID 90CUcAI28v8


What are the differences to the standard gallery element?

YOOtheme's standard gallery uses only overlays. This plugin has an option to add the text underneath the image. Furthermore it adds up to five additional buttons and a nice YouTube logo if the link is a YouTube video. Furthermore you can activate the no-cookie urls automatically.



Version 2.7.17

  • added
    Joomla 5 support

Version 2.7.16

  • added

    initial release